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Masters of Medium

The Masters of the Medium award recognizes artists for excellence of their body of work in the five craft areas of ceramics, fiber, glass, metal and wood.


Glass: Toots Zynksy
Ceramics: Chris Gustin
Fiber/Baskets: Gerhardt Knodel
Metal/Jewelry: Marilyn da Silva
Wood/Turned: Tommy Simpson


Glass: Karen Lamonte
Ceramics: Richard Shaw
Fiber/Baskets: Michael James
Metal/Jewelry: Maureen Banner
Wood/Turned: Silas Kopf
Metal/Jewelry:  Michael Banner


Ceramics: Adrian Saxe
Fiber/Baskets: Mary Giles
Glass: Paul Stankard
Wood/Turned: William Hunter
Metal/Jewelry: Bruce Metcalf


Glass: Lino Tagliapietra
Wood/Furniture: Garry Knox Bennett
Metal/Jewelry: Linda MacNeil
Fiber/Tapestry: Jon Eris Riis
Ceramics: Jun Kaneko


Metal/Jewelry: June Schwarcz
Fiber/Baskets: Norma Minkowitz
Wood/Furniture: David Ellsworth
Ceramics: WarrenMackenzie
Glass: Richard Marquis ((not  pictured)

Event Organizers:  Marilyn Barrrett, Paul Parrkman in rear left


Ceramics: Rudy Autio (represented by his son)
Fiber/Baskets: Kay Sekimachi
Glass: Ginny Ruffner
Wood/Furniture: John Cederquist
 Joyce Scott


Ceramics: Wayne Higby*
Wood/Furniture: Judy McKie
Glass: William Morris
Metal/Jewelry: Robert Ebendorf


Ceramics: Viola Frey
Wood/Furniture: Bob Stocksdale
Glass: Marvin Lipofsky
Metal/Jewelry: Arline Fisch
Fiber/Baskets: John McQueen



Ceramics: Ruth Duckworth
Wood/Furniture: Edward Moulthrop
Glass: Dan Dailey
Metal/Jewelry: William Harper
Fiber/Baskets: Jack Lenor Larsen



Ceramics: Toshiko Takaezu
Wood/Furniture: Wendell Castle
Glass: Dale Chihuly
Metal/Jewelry: Mary Lee Hu
Fiber/Baskets: Lenore Tawney



Ceramics: Peter Voulkos
Wood/Furniture: Sam Maloof
Glass:  Harvey Littleton
Metal/Jewelry: Albert Paley
Fiber/Baskets: Ed Rossbach



Celebrating the Creative Vision of Artists Working in
Clay, Fiber, Glass, Metal & Wood